happy fucking friday!


WE ALWAYS BE JAMMIN’, YEAH-MON. Happy Friday. Marijuana, the Jamaican blue-light special, Mary “The Main Thang” Jane, devil’s grass, insert slang for “The Weed” here, etc. etc. Jamaica, somewhere by the beach. Marley-mon. Bombaclyde, or however the hell you’re supposed to spell it. BUP-BUP. It’s sad that all I know about Jamaican culture is Bob Marley, fast running, miscellaneous tidbits of reggae-inspired slang, and the several obligatory references to pot that naturally follow when you post a picture of Bob Marley on a shoddily put-together blog that inhabits some lazy, pointless, and (probably) invisible corner of the internet. Nonsense. I’m working. I hope you’re doin’ fine. Happy Fucking Friday.

Jackson Williams

2 thoughts on “happy fucking friday!

  1. I’m with you there — I even have a cat named Ziggy (though, to be fair, I named her after the David Bowie album, not Marley’s son), so it’s not like I’m one of those “let’s get high we need reggae oh who do we listen to? Bob Marley! We’re sooooooo original!” types of people. 😉

    And I love Apatow, too. In fact, I’m one of the six people in the U.S. who actually really loved “Funny People.” I hate Sandler, but he’s turned in two really fantastic, dramatic performances: Funny People and Punch Drunk Love. He’s got talent, as fucking stupid as most of his movies are. Have you heard about Judd’s next movie? It’s supposed to be a ‘sequel’ to Knocked Up.

    As for comedy: it’s all about The Big Lebowski or Young Frankenstein for me. 🙂

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