this is why I love the city…

I’ve had this picture on my computer forever — I do not remember where I found it — and I just thought I would post it. I’m as terrified as you are. Niiiiiiiiice kitty-kitty-kitty.

Jackson Williams.

8 thoughts on “this is why I love the city…

    • Dude, absolutely. It’s sad that people feel the need to shoot them (outside of self-defense, of course) — what can I say, I’m an animal lover and I live on good ‘ole Oregon. Cougars are everywhere.

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

      • I hear ya. I have two dogs — both labs: yellow male (Pal) & chocolate female (Cindy).

        I also have three cats: Kitty Foo (female, 13 years old, I’ve had her since I was eleven); Ziggy (female, two years old, named for the David Bowie song / album “Ziggy Stardust”); and, about a week ago, I adopted a five year old maine coon named Daisy. She’s massive, which is standard if you’ve ever seen a maine coon.

        And I’ve got a fucking rabbit named Peter. He’s a G.

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