Fuck Yes Fuck Yes Fuck Yes FUCK YES

Do you want to know how my night is going? Here’s a very succinct, “I believe in brevity” rundown of the situation that is taking place in my living room:

Super Nintendo.

Seven games, each one of them like a gateway in to my rollercoaster childhood. Super Mario Brothers. Yoshi’s Island. Donkey Kong. Zelda. Contra III — THERE’S CONTRA III, FOR GOD’S SAKES.

And you know what makes this even sweeter?

Well, boys and girls, I’ll tell you: the 46-inch HD flat-screen in my living room, hooked up and wired for sound. How could a man ever be depressed when this holy shrine to Nerdvana is merely a few feet away? I’m going to be fucking happy as hell when I hibernate all winter.

Jackson Williams.

5 thoughts on “Fuck Yes Fuck Yes Fuck Yes FUCK YES

  1. I still got my SNES and sometimes, I will challenge folks to WWW WrestleMania and a little old school Madden. As for Contra One I still got the unlimited lives code memorized, I cant remember much shit but I still seem to hold onto that 1.

    • I’m obsessed with Donkey Kong right now. I haven’t even popped in Contra III yet. This Super Nintendo is saving my life right now — my 360 is on the fritz, and what’s the fucking point of having 46 inches of glorious HD if you can’t fight some Nazi Zombies?

      **shakes fist**

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