I hate you, digital dog…

To the 90’s kids out there who liked to play video games: do you remember this fucking dog? Do you remember him??! Do you remember how he mocked you when you failed to kill those crudely-animated digital ducks? Do you remember the hours you spent playing Duck Hunt, hoping to beat your high-score from the time before and instead of getting mocked by Douchebag Dog, a soul-crushing digital hound that for some insidious reason took special glee in your personal failures as a five-year old human being? Do you remember how much you hated that fucker?

Yeah, well, he’s still around. And he’s still an asshole.

— Jackson Williams.

3 thoughts on “I hate you, digital dog…

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    • He is, until you fail at the game. Then…he becomes an utter douche. He’s the antithesis of all dogs: instead of being “man’s best friend,” he’s more akin to “an acquaintance who mocks you mercilessly.”


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