10 thoughts on “MATH. NEVER. FUCKING. LIES. YO.

      • Haha, I know, I was being a smartass (as usual). You’re absolutely right: not all women are like that. I dated a girl a few years ago who got a kick out of the fact that we were both incredibly poor college students, and it was kind of cute, actually. Maybe “endearing” is the better word for it — in her eyes, she didn’t care if we were poor together forever or not. As the ‘ole Notorious B.I.G. song goes: “Mo’ money, Mo’ problems.”


      • Nothing wrong with being a smartass. And that’s true all the way – mo’ money, mo’ problems. I hope you find a perfect match for you! When you’re ready, of course.

    • Oh, everyone’s got a theory, from Biggie to the Beasties (hey! that rhymed!). I believe even Stephen Hawking said “I will never understand women. Never.”


      • Heh. Nice rhyme.

        And now I’m off to listen to Paul’s Boutique on repeat for another evening.

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