Actually, This Makes Total Sense…

And now you know the horrible (horrible?) truth. Mind = BLOWN.

HAPPY SATURDAY! May your Saturday night be filled with copious amounts of mind-altering drugs and terrible, potentially life-altering decisions that you believe you’ll regret later when, in all actuality, you really won’t!

Stay safe out there.

— Jackson Williams


6 thoughts on “Actually, This Makes Total Sense…

      • Damn you, you bastard. I challenge you to a duel. But just remember: we’ll be back. We don’t rebuild, we only reload. 😉

        And: I’m actually behind the idea of eating up The Contract/firing Alex Rodriguez. I’ve never liked him (though he did put in work for us), he’s kind of a douche, and that contract he got is the worst one in the history of pro sports. Fuck A-Rod, and I say that as a (die-hard) Yankees fan.

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