late night writing session music break 2:

#1. Nick Drake: Pink Moon

#2. Modest Mouse: 3rd Planet

#3. The Flaming Lips: Turn It On

#4. The Strokes: 12:51

#5. Danger Mouse/Norah Jones/Daniele Luppi: Black

#6. Pixies: No. 13 Baby

#7. The Rolling Stones: Jumpin’ Jack Flash



BACK TO WORK TIME. I am now 126 pages in to the first draft of my new novel (I think I’ve described it on this blog before and if I haven’t, you’ll be reading parts of it soon anyways) and the writing — the life-consuming bouts of writing, the real gritty work that goes in to composing an absolute beast, the neverending daydreams that distract me when I’m not working on it — is going out-fucking-standing so far, if I’m even allowed to say so myself. You’ll get to judge whether I’m right soon enough, just hold tight. This week/end has been absolutely ridiculous. Work, movies, girls, massive amounts of family drama, etc. etc. But, somehow, I’ve squeezed in some quiet time to write. And now here in the middle of the night I’m taking a break, and because I’m writing and I feel so “alive” right now, I present to you some music I will be listening to while I take a break from the manuscript.

I’ll be posting more articles for Bored American Tribune this week — yeah, yeah, I’ve said that same thing many-a-times before and ended up just posting hilariously stupid pictures instead, but I’m really being earnest here. Honest.

Jackson Williams.

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