Holy shit. These images are breathtaking & terrifying. Check them out for yourself. Coverage courtesy of GIZMODO. Jackson Williams.

Latest Sandy Images and Videos (Updating Live)

By Jesús Díaz

This time it was no hype. Sandy rampaged through New York, New Jersey and the rest of the Northeast. The damage has been enormous, including massive flooding everywhere, collapsed buildings, generator malfunctions in hospitals, multiple fires, city-wide blackouts and explosions in electric plants. Some of the subway system may be offline for a month. And yes, mortal victims too.

Gizmodo’s servers, located in a data center in Lower Manhattan, were knocked out too, but this article contains all the updates since the moment of the city shutdown. Refresh for live updates…

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Update 71: The MTA reports that the South Ferry subway station is now completely dry.

The South Ferry station, which had been a large fish tank, has now been pumped dry.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Update 70: Con Edison has now restored power to 70 percent of the people affected by…

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