She Moves in Mysterious Ways

I was having a discussion with one of my musician friends earlier — the old cliche is true: no one gets along better than writers and musicians, or maybe I have no writer friends and nothing but musician friends…doesn’t matter, moving on — and he actually asked me kind of a cool question: “what’s your first memory of music? Not so much the first time you became aware ‘music’ existed in the world, but the first time you consciously realized how much you loved it?”

And I reached waaaaaaaay back and suddenly I remembered a random memory/the answer: dancing to this song/video I’m about to post here at around 2-3 years old when it would come on MTV. I had really, really young parents and I remember them sitting behind me on the couch, and my parents are encouraging me and laughing because of how happy I looked to them. It’s funny that I kind of, sort of hate this band:

It’s actually a really good question. There’s no way in hell I could remember being “aware” that such a wonderful thing as music existed in the world, so I just went with my first memory of being mysteriously & deliriously happy that music was playing, and from then on out would probably be a good starting point for my life-long obsession with it. It’s sort of funny that it all started with a band I would end up hating, which brings me to another suspicion I’ve always had:

My parents are “religious” in the sense that they believe in (Christian) God, but they never really talked about their beliefs much and/or weren’t really big Bible-readers. Sure, they’d read it before in their lives, but I’m an agnostic-bordering-on-atheist and even I know more about The Bible than they do. When I’d ask why they named me “Joshua,” they would always say “we got it from the Bible.” Good answer, but they were bigger music-freaks than they were Bible-thumpers.

What’s my suspicion then, you ask?

U2’s album The Joshua Tree came out the same year I was born, and as everyone knows it was a pretty big record that year and it’s the one that made them for awhile “The Biggest Band In The World.” Even I love that album, and I can’t fucking stand U2.  Both my parents had a copy of it and I’m glad they did because “Where The Streets Have No Name” is a pretty amazing song (the louder you play it, the greater it gets). It’s the first track off of The Joshua Tree, so I like to think that when they first hit play on the album and “Where The Streets Have No Name” began to build up to its big, beautiful self, they turned to each other and said:

“We shall name him…JOSHUA.

Pretty epic, right?

They can come clean already: they named me after a fucking U2 album.

— Jackson Williams.

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