To quote Charles Darwin: “no fucking way, bro.” J.W.

Other Nations

Negotiating the transition from boy to man can be a tricky time in a guys life. The liminal period of maturation, known to scientists as puberty and to everyone else as hell, wages hormonal warfare on both the body and the mind. Limbs grow gangly and uncontrollable, skin breaks out, voices begin to scratch and squeak at all the wrong times (usually when talking to a girl), and both body odour and hair begin to appear in strange and sometimes unwanted places.

Surviving that period of time should be more than enough to for a boy to be able to declare himself a man. But for some reason, in the most of the world, it’s not. In most cultures around the world boys must negotiate risky, dangerous, and often potentially life-threatening rites of passage in order to achieve manhood. On Pentecost Island in the South Pacific they tie vines to…

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