Yo, readers. I collaborated on a post over at my buddy Ian’s blog and I thought you’d enjoy it too. Each of us were assigned a year by Ian and from there we had to write a short review on the best movie (in our opinion, of course) that was released that year. I was assigned 2012, and so I decided to go with Paul Thomas Anderson’s THE MASTER.

Head on over to Ian’s blog to check out what we came up with.  — J.W.

Ian's Movie Reviews

Its time for another Film Through the Ages post, where I gather movie recommendations from bloggers from all around the blogosphere.  We try to cover each movie decade since the emergence of sound pictures, and recommend great films from a given year that we think you, as an avid blog reader and movie fan, should take some time to watch and increase your movie-viewing resume.

I’ve gathered up eight of my favourite film bloggers and assigned them each a year, and they came back with some great choices.  So enjoy reading their recommendations to you, enjoy the movies they’ve selected, check out their great blogs, and come back again for Film Through the Ages III!


Michael from The Movie Vampire

I Am A Fugitive From a Chain Gang (1932)
By 1932 the great depression was in full swing but movies remained a popular form of entertainment for people…

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