The Golden Ring

This is fucking beautiful. To quote a line from my favorite play: When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew. Happy Sunday, dear readers. — J.W.

Going Forward

They met at a party circa 1960, she a shy country girl in her first year of nursing school in the big city, he a college boy who had lived nearly all his life in that city. Her nervous giggle that was immediately followed by an apologetic “oh shoot” captured his attention. He was charming and handsome. She was sweet and pretty. Neither of them had ever seriously dated anyone else and once they met, they never would.

He was the eldest son of a Norwegian ship’s officer and a school teacher. She was the eldest daughter of a farmer and a homemaker. She was staunchly Catholic. He was uncommitted. She had decided to become a nurse so she would at least have a career because she was certain she would never marry. But then one night she had a dream, and a voice told her, “you will…

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