4 thoughts on “Sunday, November The Eighteenth

    • Replace the OChem textbook with a PoliSci textbook/a copy of The Brothers Karamazov and I know exactly what you mean.

      As for citing, normally I do, but these two I randomly came across earlier on a message board. The ones I skip citing are the ones where there’s no doubt that they’re totally not mine (kind of backwards, I know) — unless my readers are under the impression that I go to Boston College AND keep a camera trained on the L.A. freeways. 😉


  1. The title of the second picture made me laugh… that is an accurate description (although they are smaller in person).

    I must admit that I was sad to see the shuttles go, as I literally grew up with them. I don’t think my family would even live where we live without the space program. I can walk out into my yard and see every launch from KSC, even just the random rocket launches. I won’t miss the sonic booms from the shuttle though, I’ve ended up on my floor many times (sounds like a bomb going off… usually at some ungodly hour of morning). Losing Columbia was horrible… we got the call soon after. Just in time to watch it break apart over Texas. I took a walk-through of the debris after they’d recovered enough to put in a warehouse… it was heartbreaking.

    It’s just strange to see all of them shipped out. They’ll have immense use in museums… space history is just starting to take off as a full time career path and field of study.

    But no lie, that dude probably got the shot of a lifetime.

    • As sad as it is to see the shuttles go, at least we still have the Voyagers (so far, the farther away from the Solar System/winds that it gets, the cooler the story becomes), the Rover and, of course, S.E.T.I. I’d trade fifty shuttles just for something groundbreaking to happen at the S.E.T.I. institute. I’d even settle for “kind of fucking cool” if “groundbreaking” doesn’t happen in our lifetime.

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