Places to travel and things to see before I die: watch the Sun rise and watch the Sun set in Tibet, see the golden light flash off the Himalayas, spend a month or so just hanging out with the Buddhists and digging the top of the world; travel to Rome and see the Coliseum and then make my way across the Earth at night to reach Cairo and the Pyramids, the dusty wonders of our planet that I’ve wanted to travel to since I first learned how to walk; travel to Greece, walk in the same places where all those ancient fucking philosophers I was forced to read (and learned to love) in college once walked; Jerusalem is also high up on the list even though I’m not religious at all. I just think it’d be fascinating. London is pretty high up there on the list, too — most of my heritage is English & Welsh, so I might as well go check out my proverbial “Motherland.”

 – Jackson Williams.

2 thoughts on “Qomolangma

  1. All fantastic places to visit! I hope I get the opportunity to travel all of Europe and to select places in northern Africa. The pyramids are a must (hopefully the political situation cools off in the next decade).

    • I think I’d brave the volatile political climate if it meant going to Cairo & the Pyramids (and Jerusalem). I’m a sucker for ancient history — reading “The Persian Wars” by Herodotus right now.

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