Goodnight, Goodnight. Sincerely: Bored American Tribune.

(Click on the picture to ENLARGE.)

This…is Qaqortoq, Greenland. Do not ask me how to pronounce it, for I have no goddamn idea myself. To me, this is what I imagine paradise looks like: writing novels and stories and whatnot all day in what appears to be some kind of winter kingdom. I’m fucking weird.

‘Ave a good evening. Winter is coming. Good night, and good luck.

— Jackson Williams.

4 thoughts on “Goodnight, Goodnight. Sincerely: Bored American Tribune.

  1. Great photo. You’ll find paradise when you find happiness within yourself. Allow yourself to be joyful, and everywhere is paradise.

    Not so long ago, I was told I had three months to live at most, after a couple of severe strokes and a heart attack.

    You know how people say they would do all sorts of cool things if they knew they were going to die? I just wanted to spend time with my precious children and other family members.

    Fortunately, over the years, I had taken every opportunity available, and had: parachuted, hang-glided, white-water rafted, water and snow skied, snow-mobiled, boated and raced cars, played guitar poorly and built an international electronics company. I didn’t need to do anything when I thought I would be dead, but the most important thing, which had always been the most important thing, spend time with the people I loved.

    I was dying, but happy to be alive, it was paradise.

    Then, I kept living. Crazy, but I’m still kicking a couple of years after I was supposed to check out.

    Do it right, and you can have paradise everywhere you go.

    Write your stories wherever you are. You are in paradise if you’ll just look around.

    Good luck.

    • Wise words, dude, and I will be sure to remember them. I am also happy to see that you are doing well, too. Tomorrow feels like a “writing in public instead of at home” day, now that I think about it. Well, weather permitting that is…


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