Jackson Williams & The Koala Bear

I already love this bear....

(Click to ENLARGE — it’s a massive screenshot)

I think I’ve found my new pet, and a new partner to solve mysteries with. I feel a highly-rated detective drama coming on….just one question for the people who run the ad: how, exactly, does a Koala bear hide shiny objects in the ass of a dog? What a creepy little bear….that I will own soon….

– Jackson Williams.

10 thoughts on “Jackson Williams & The Koala Bear

  1. I love this so much. I think it’s because I can’t quite figure out if you are talking shit or if you actually decided a Koala would make a cool pet. This is comedy gold…

    • I can’t tell whether you’re endorsing my dream of owning a Koala or not. Come on: you know you’d watch a show starring me and a drugged-out, hyper-aggressive Koala named GumNut. It’s a show for the kids!

      • I would totally watch a show like that. It sounds like a more psychotic version of Wilfred.

        True story: My dad was part of a “Koala Relocation Program”. It’s exactly as it sounds: catch all the Koalas on a little island near home and move them to somewhere with more trees to maul and people to avoid. They are aggressive little fuckers!

      • I’ve got to thank you now — if the whole writing thing fails, I’ve got a backup plan: Koala Relocation Facilitator. It’s a much cooler way of saying “why yes, I’ve had to fight a bunch of tiny bears. What do you do again?”

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