A Very Long Weekend

To whoever did this: I love you.


Yo. A few days ago this beautiful girl named Caitlin pointed something out to me that I’m sad to say I didn’t actually notice: if you’ve been to this blog more than once and happened to find yourself on the “Manifesto” page and you, in fact, know how to read, you notice I say a lot of things about writing, and yet I never post any on here. If you’ve paid really, really close attention, you probably noticed that a majority of the postings on this blog — so far — have been mostly displays of mindless, inane bullshit. I’m cool with that. It’s okay to enjoy that stuff because I do too. I’m not going to change that element of my blog. BUT: I probably should change the writing part. So, from now on, I’m going to start posting more original material (short stories, reviews, essays, poetry, and, best of all, a big fat fucking excerpt from an untitled work in progress) as well as my usual bullshit. It’s also neatly fitting that the next post is #100. Sorry about my grand claims in the Manifesto while never, ever backing it up.

That changes…tomorrow.

Jackson Williams.

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