The Key To My Popularity

It can all be easily explained in this video:

So, how do I remain such a popular, in-demand, beloved individual? It’s all quite simple: I stole all my dance moves from the lead singer, Morrissey, and I stole my entire wardrobe from Johnny Marr, the guitar player.

Jackson Williams.

4 thoughts on “The Key To My Popularity

    • I always wonder what Morrissey does in his free time. I like to imagine that he spends his free time writing poetry about being passive-aggressive & pretentious lol. As you can probably guess, my love of The Smiths has more to do with Marr than Morrissey. Long live THE QUEEN IS DEAD. 😉

      — JW

      • Did you ever see the documentary “and then the sun came out” about the big Shindig/Recording Session/Charity album Neil Finn put together? Johnny is in the band, some stellar guitar work. Also recently saw a video of him with Dinosaur Jr. making the rounds, but the sound quality was shite…

      • I haven’t, but I definitely need to now. There was awhile there where I half-expected to see the headline “Johnny Marr joins The Beatles!” — dude was in everything. Cribs, Modest Mouse, Dinosaur, Jr. etc. etc.; he even randomly moved to Portland, Oregon of all places — which is not that far from where I’m from — just to, you know, play. I like to imagine he wanders the highways, randomly joining any garage-band he comes across.

        “I’m Johnny Marr. I’ll join your band, all I require is that you answer these questions three…”

        — J.W.

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