A triumvirate of lousy Christmas songs


life, from the ground up

It’s that time of year, when the world falls in love, every song you hear seems to say “Merry Christmas.” As long as it’s after Thanksgiving. I refuse to listen to it before then, and any radio station playing it early has a good chance of being boycotted for the entire season.

I enjoy most Christmas music. But every year, a little part of me dreads the time because there are also some awful, awful songs out there that call for an immediate intervention, i.e. changing the station. If changing the station isn’t possible, I put myself into a kind of self-induced coma until it’s over. The worst part is how, despite being so terrible, these songs always end up stuck in my head. Maybe they’re so bad, it’s like listening to a train wreck and I just can’t help myself.

So this year, to vent a bit, I’ve come…

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