The Mixtape of Life

written as a response to this.


1. Crying
2. Spoiled Brat
3. Holy Shit Kid, Are You Still Fucking Crying?
4. ABC’s (Reasons Why You Should Not Eat Paint Chips)
5. The Doctor? Really? Let’s Just Buy Him a Helmet!
6. First Day of School
7. Seriously? Crying Again? You Scared? Motherfucker.
8. Divorce!
9. Middle School Is Seriously Fucking Stupid
10. Girls
11. Do I Look Stupid?
12. No, You Don’t Look Stupid. Really.
13. High School
14. When in Doubt, Act Like an Idiot (The Jackson Williams Song)
15. Caitlin (This Song is Epic)
16. I Am Way Too High Right Now
17. Graduation (I Believe It Happened)
18. I Am Way Too High Right Now, Pt. II: The Hunt For Taco Bell
19. Stairway To Heaven — this one is as real as the others. No joke. I just like this song.
21. I Beat My Alarm Clock Like It Owes Me Money.
22. Marijuana
23. Life
24. Caitlin Returns.
25. So, Like, One Day I’m Going To Die (The End)

Jackson Williams.

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