Hipstamatic Urban Astoria

Jackson Williams.

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Last week I read an article in the NY Times Lens Blog about photojournalist Ben Lowy using his iPhone and the Hipstamatic app in the field, and was blown away when I saw the images, with the look of an old Polaroid film camera, and knew I had to apply this to my urban industrial photography.  As you have seen from my work I love to “embellish” the images I take and create a piece of abstract fine art instead of just a photograph, taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary, so to speak.

Despite the cold wet weather we had this weekend here in Astoria, I wanted to get outside and capture some urban grunge with this “new fangled” photo app.  So, armed with my iPhone and an umbrella (no DSLR, no lenses, no filters, no other photographic paraphernalia) I walked out into a steady but light rain to experiment. I must confess I really have never…

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