Note From A Minister

I am what you would call an agnostic — I believe that God exists,  I just think it’s highly, HIGHLY unlikely that any group of 2000 year-old desert-dwellers were somehow able to completely encapsulate an idea that profound and complex and get everything completely right, including a neat little ending which is (probably) just the rantings of some dude who came across the wrong water or old piece of bread. I really doubt it. If there is a God, I think he/she/the nebulous whatever probably operates on an entirely different plane, and probably is more concerned about the Universe at-large, instead of just some lonely planet floating in the middle of all that vastness. I do not belong to any organized religion.

Never have, never will (actually, call it a “maybe” on that second part — I mean, you never know).

What’s my point? Nothing, except that nothing drives me more batty than people using (see: twisting) all those beautiful words found in all those beautiful books in to whatever bullshit justification their minds need to come up with. It’s like a neat little mental ballet that you watch and then become increasingly horrified at….which is why I love this screenshot:


P.S. Shut the fuck up, Mike Huckabee. For the sake of rational discourse please, please, PLEASE shut the fuck up. Thanks!

Jackson Williams.

5 thoughts on “Note From A Minister

      • Huckabee is not only a massive tool, but he is one of such magnitude that I have become desensitized to pretty much anything that comes out of his mouth. He’s like a male Ann Coulter. Well, not quite… my hatred for her burns with the passion of a thousand suns.

        When I got home to Dad raging and CNN on, I basically summed it up up with “That sounds about right… in fact, I’m surprised he only said that instead of waxing on with increasing arrogance….”

        Ugh. I weep for some parts of humanity.

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