4 thoughts on “The (Unabridged) NRA Press Release

    • I fucking love it.

      As an American, I can completely understand keeping a handgun/shotgun/bolt-action rifle around the house for hunting/home defense….but fucking ASSAULT weapons? Their intended purpose is in their goddamn name. Unless your house is attacked nightly by bands of marauders coming down from the hills (and, yes, they have the appropriate thirst for blood), then why the hell do you have one? If you need one, you should reeeeeally consider moving to a new area. 😉

      — J.W.

      • I can’t understand it either. You can legally own an assault rifle but go to jail for getting caught with a joint? I’m from BC and I can guarantee that potheads here can’t put down their chips and get off the couch let alone commit heinous and violent crimes. Something is terribly askew.

      • To borrow/paraphrase a joke I saw on Twitter: “wait, so a guy tries to light his shoe on an airplane and now we all have to take our shoes off. Guy goes crazy with an assault weapon…we do nothing?”

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