Writers Infuse Gonzo DNA

Great article about one of my heroes/literary influences: Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. If you have not read any of his work, you should be punched right in the chops. I’m not joking. — J.W.

Crows Dream

English: Hunter S. Thompson, Miami Book Fair I...

It’s that screwy time again, that peyote-inspired moment to consider Hunter S. Thompson and his contribution to our writing DNA. For many writers and most citizen journalists, the father of gonzo lurks somewhere behind our words. He has slithered his way into how we feel about our art and how we present it to our readers. Thompson has infused himself into our writing-soul and we may not even recognize him stirring.

As the anointed father of gonzo journalism, Thompson secured his place among the important stylists of writers as far back as 1970. He took traditional journalism and turned it inside-out. He thew away the concept of objectivity, inserted himself into the center of his story lines, thrived on first-person narrative, and had no trouble with raw and sometimes painful messages. Sarcasm reigned and invention was his prime directive. Nothing seemed to be off the radar for the king…

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