Les Misérables (2012)

I actually really, really want to see this, dear readers.J.W.

Critical Dave

Poster cosetteVictor Hugo’s Les Misérables is one of the single longest novels ever written, but also one of the most enduring. Adaptations are inevitable, but one of the large challenges is condensing an epic and sprawling plot that spans the decades into something that’s not only accessible but also consistent with the dramatic scope of the novel.

The musical adaptation of Les Misérables is therefore one of the most successful of these, as it gets to employ a little shorthand. Conveying the story through song means the actual events of the plot are delivered with the same amount of dramatic intensity, but without needing to labour too long on the specifics. It also helps that the music is so good, and such a brilliant, stirring piece of theatre.

Even with the musical successfully accomplishing the monumental task of adapting the novel, it’s an equally audacious task to then translate that musical…

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