Thanks, Coach!

Thanks, Chip. Quack, quack, quack. J.W.

The Original 501

ncaa-football-logoWhat a year. What an era. If this is truly Chip Kelly’s final season at the helm of the Ducks, it’s been one hell of a four-year ride – four BCS bowls, three conference titles, two BCS wins and a National Title appearance.

Just a couple of decades ago, making any bowl game was an accomplishment. Now? Ducks were supposedly “disappointed” to be in the freaking Fiesta Bowl! That’s an astonishing turnaround. It started with Mike Bellotti but Kelly took it to an entirely different level.

xxx-trojans-ducks-chip-kelly-489-4_3_r560Everybody knows how he revolutionized offense in college football. But he’s been so much more than that. He’s been a CEO of a now national power. He’s had a countless number of coaches come to watch him practice – including Bill Belichick – because of how he has completely overhauled the process. While he is notoriously a perfectionist, he also allows his coaches to…

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