Springsteen, Scotch, and Dusty Mantels – My Grammy Awards Sob Story

Great read, and I’m kind of shocked that neither Born to Run or The River were recognized for Album of the Year. Nebraska, too.J.W.

The (alternafolk surfsoul rock&roll revival) Meeting

Grammy AwardTonight (er, this morning), I want to pause and consider for a moment, this year’s Grammy nominations for best album.  I’m staying centered on that category because it is the crown jewel of the ceremony.  The other awards are nice, but, like winning best picture at the Oscars, the whole Grammy event builds up to best album.

And yes, I absolutely get that the Grammy awards, also like the Oscars, are not always (almost never) going to choose the albums that I think deserve to be nominated.  I’m okay with that.  BUT – I do have a problem with an obvious void in their list of album of the year winner.

What is Grammy’s problem with The Boss.

Now look, I know that Bruce Springsteen does not need an album of the year Grammy award to validate his career.  The man is legend and will forever be known as such. …

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