5 thoughts on “GYPSIES!

  1. Hey, are you still having trouble knowing whether or not you’ve been flagged? I’m having the same issue and I don’t seem to be getting any luck with WP support. I’ve actually removed all material that could have flagged my blog and apparently I’m back in the reader under the tags I use, but I still don’t see my posts there. Just wondering if you’ve had more success than me.

    • Nope, no success yet.

      I followed myself just to see if I show up in my Reader (the blogs I follow, of course). I show up on my own reader, but when I try to find myself through tags/topics (Comedy, Humor, Politics, etc. etc.)…I don’t appear. I gain a LOT of readers through topics & tags, but what’s the point if only your followers can read you? I want to attract more, and not just the same gang of readers, you know?? lol.

      I even made up a fake tag (“wex”) to see if I appear on the topic when I look it up, but…nothing. It’s like I’ve come invisible. 😦

      Keep me informed, because I’m SERIOUSLY considering abandoning WordPress over this fiasco. I want EVERYONE to be able to find me…hahaha.

      — J.W.

      • It’s become ridiculous. I was told by one of the people trying to help me on the forum that getting readership from the tags was “no big deal” and hardly boosted traffic. But like you said, I too gain a lot of followers from the tags alone…and although it’s nice that my subscribers can still see me in the reader, isn’t the point of tagging to gain NEW subscribers?!

        Apparently the person who replied to my post in the forum said I was showing up, but I most definitely am not (I even searched tags under an entirely different blog just to check), and another person said my issue had been resolved and that was the end to that despite me asking why I couldn’t see them. That question has been ignored, as well as many other questions I had (how do I know if I’ve been flagged, how can I become unflagged, how do I know if I’ve been tagged as a mature blog, etc.)

        It’s completely ridiculous.

      • Totally. I show up in my reader, but not Topics. I wanted to start posting some long-reads (novel excerpts), but no one in the “writing” or “writers” section would be able to see them…which would be pointless.

        — J.W.

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