I am a Writer, and I am an American.

I believe in my own individuality and hold myself above all others, all except those who can not speak out & defend themselves. I believe in love, freedom, democracy, good books, good coffee, baseball, the legalization of marijuana, tacos, justice, art; I am against tyranny in all its forms, whether it be at home or abroad (a threat to justice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere). I believe that freedom is the most important thing in life, and in order to gain it and everything else in life, you have to fight like goddamn mad. I am obsessed with baseball, especially my favorite team: the New York Yankees; and, if I had to pick a second favorite team, I suppose I would pick the San Francisco Giants. I am a registered Democrat but politically I consider myself an independent, the reason being that I believe that it’s far too easy to see the unbelievable stupidity that both parties bring to the discussion, and if there’s one thing that Life teaches it’s that nothing is ever in black and white. I am an agnostic — I believe God exists, but I believe the major religions have it wrong, and because of that I will remain a good person, regardless of punishment or reward, because isn’t promising someone paradise if they agree to be “a good person” just glorified bribery? You should be that kind of person no matter what, regardless of what some book says. I hate nothing at all except hatred, as vicious and hateful as I can be sometimes. Respect to all mankind, except those who show no respect. I am a nerd — always and forever. I’m obsessed with music. My favorite band is The Beatles and my second favorite band is The Clash. I’ve seen far, far too many movies and I watch more television than I probably should. I am the crude synthesis of intellectual ambition and lovably mindless bullshit fostered by pop-culture. I can do a million impressions. I fucking curse a fucking lot (fuck you too, by the way). I never shut the fuck up. Every romantic relationship I’ve ever had I’ve destroyed, and I am not lying when I say that the destruction was 90% my fault. The only thing I like more than writing is women. They’re my two main weaknesses. I am a patriot. I will write until the day my heart stops mid-sentence, a word floating freely in the air around me as my face comes crashing down on a keyboard, those sweet words hanging true even as they watch my head drop in beautiful victory. Poetic, no? I am committed to improving not only my life but the lives of others through my writing. When I was younger, writing was the only thing that pulled me back from the edge — and because of this, I believe in the power of words to save lives and remind people that as dark as the present is, there’s always a future. I want my words to be read by people who need my words, and I hope I can do for them what my literary heroes did for me. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science – and I have no idea what to do with my life…I suppose there’s always becoming a panhandler but I don’t think I have the face for it (I try to look downtrodden & pathetic, but I always end up just looking creepy instead…it’s a gift!).

So, for now, I will just endure and speak directly to you, honestly and fairly and maybe a little pretentiously. I apologize for that in advance.

Name’s Jackson Williams. Feel free to follow me on Twitter: @YoshuaDavis

Nice to meet you.

Jackson Williams

22 thoughts on “Manifesto.

  1. Jackson, Though I’m guessing I’m a fair bit older than you, like you I’m a big fan of the Clash and the Beatles, a registered Democrat, and I also have a B.A. in Political Science. Oh yes, and I also love to write. Thank you so much for re-blogging my article from the On Deck Circle. Much appreciated.

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